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6 Ways to Not Give a Fuck As a New Mom During a Global Pandemic

Congratulations, you’ve recently had a baby and now you are somebody's mom!

Now what?!

It's no secret that the 2020s have already been the absolute toughest years of our lives. If you are reading this, it means not only did you survive the pandemic, you also managed to bring an entire human being into the world during the process, kudos…. X a million.

Most of us never imagined that our first pregnancy would take place during a global pandemic, one that would dictate how we enjoyed being a first time, expectant mother all the way up to how we would deliver our bouncing bundles, and even who could be present for their delivery...RIP to the baby showers and gender reveals of our dreams....womp womp.

Nonetheless, even with the last few years being a complete shit show a lot of us have been forced to quickly mature as new mothers. Instead of attending that ''mommy group'' we had planned on, we turned to the online world of mom groups and forums.

We quickly became experts on the best walking trails and parks in the city, because let’s face it…there was nothing else to do. Some of us learned to bake, others reorganized their living space…and some of us just straight up lost our minds.

The point is, every single momma out there, both new and veterans proved that momma is just another word for resilience. Please know that you are amazing, so much so, that you probably already thought about some of the things on our list, but just in case, here are 10 ways to not GAF as a new mom during this pandemic.

....Even if there's a Global Pandemic, so here are some ways to not GAF!

1. Don’t Let People Touch Your Baby.

This might seem like a no-brainer during a pandemic, but you would be surprised by how many people will unfortunately, still try. The truth is, the days of gawking at a stranger’s baby, or even asking to pick them up are far behind us. Get a cover for your car seat, give yourself the pep talk before leaving the house. I’m not kidding, you need to rehearse what you are going to say, or at least have a go-to phrase.

Without this kind of prep, an awkward moment with a stranger who has a zombie like need to see your baby WILL take place. People need to know that just because you have a bouncing new bundle, doesn’t give them the right to inch closer and closer to your baby’s stroller or car seat…. we don’t care about six feet over here ma’am…keep it moving.

2. Treat yourself…And Your little One

If you had your baby in 2020 or 2021, chances are really good that due to COVID restrictions, you’ve had to alter your plans and expectations. Whether it was not having as many close friends and family around during the weeks after you gave birth, or if it was missing out on precious milestones during your pregnancy. We’ve endured an incredible loss of fun times and memories.

With that said, it’s okay to compensate yourself. Splurge on that thing you wanted for either yourself or baby. Don’t save the fancy outfit for later, every moment is an opportunity to be fancy. Sip your tea, coffee…or better yet, wine slow, and have another if that’s what your heart truly desires….and then don’t beat yourself up for it. Life is short and full of unexpected surprises as we have all experienced. So treat yourself now.

3. Stop Watching the News…Yes, I’m serious

We are a year into this pandemic now, hopefully by now most of us have adjusted to this new normal, meaning social distancing is part of our muscle memory, and we rarely forget our mask now. The breaking news that was COVID is no longer breaking, which means giving all of your energy into counting cases will not significantly increase your safety and may end up doing the exact opposite.

Give yourself a rest from the gloom and doom that the news can sometimes reflect. Instead, put on a documentary about something that interests you, or a show you’ve been meaning to get into…..better yet, get outside and get some fresh air.

4. Plan an Event

Putting your energy into planning a fun event during a pandemic may seem like a big waste of time and may very well feel like a taboo…. but here’s the thing, do it anyways. Yes, yes, I know what I said. DO IT ANYWAY! Find the people you feel comfortable having in your “bubble” and let them know well in advance, or just do something at home with your immediate family. Either way, plan a fun event everyone can look forward to.

This could be a game night, wine and cheese night, a movie night, or a down-right party! Most major cities are opening up or all the way open, and if you are still on lockdown while reading this, I am sending you a hug….as well as the strength to still plan an event.

Thank me later!

5. Dress Up in Your Favourite Fit

Get up early, think about what you are grateful for. Take a Shower…. a long & hot one. Put on an outfit you love, grab your favourite drink, call your favourite person, go somewhere, take some photos, document your triumph over the day, because yes, everything I’ve just listed is an accomplishment, we’re all dealing with a lot right now, so take it easy on yourself. You’ve got this!

6. Book a Trip

….And Yes, Once again I am serious. It doesn’t have to be the kind that includes a plane, but if it does, more power to you mama! This blog post is about not GAF during a pandemic, did you really think we wouldn’t tell you to go somewhere and live your best life?

It can be a weekend getaway to a neighbouring town, or a week long escape to some place with white sand tequila. The point is, pick a time, pick a place and plan to enjoy yourself. This COVID lifestyle means implementing daily safety measurements….but it doesn’t mean no life, or style! I don’t care if it’s a trip to your guest room. Switching up that energy is just as essential as anything else.

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