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August is National Breastfeeding Month

Before being a mom I had no clue that this was even a thing...but I am so glad that it is!

During this time so many amazing mamas have spoken about their breastfeeding journey which has brought light to some of the common obstacles some of us face when nurturing our little ones.

Here are a few things that I’ve learned in my own journey, both on my own and from other moms:

1. It’s a learning curve...every breast and baby is different, what works for me will not work for you

2. Feeding every 2 to 3 hours is what the doctors and nurses tell you to do...this is NOT what happens when you get home. For me, my little one is basically attached at the boob and cluster feeding her when she wants is what works for US.

3. Your baby will want to nurse for reasons other than hunger. Breastfeeding gives your Little one a feeling of comfort, and security, and just like adults, sometimes babies just want to be held

4. Does it hurt? HELL YES it hurts

5. Does the Pain go away? YES! IT DOES But here’s the thing, you have to push though, I’m at the point where the pain is gone, but it does return on some days, just a tiny bit if she happens to feed more frequently with less time in between...and I’m okay with this, but again this is only what works FOR ME, for some moms it’s too painful and that’s okay too

What Advice Can I give as a new mom?

Listen to your Body & your baby

Talk to your friends who have breastfed their children

Find a lactation consultant...this was a game changer for me

That’s it...I’m still a new mom so my advice is short!

What are some tips/tricks that you worked for you? Please let me know I said...It's a learning curve!

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